Bike Survey Recap — Thank You!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who participated in the recent bike survey. I enjoyed getting to know you all a little more, and the responses sparked ideas for some future posts. Care to know a little bit more about yourselves?

1. You’re an experienced group of riders who use your bike for fun, errands, but also for commuting. 60% said you ride every day with a full 90% biking to work at least a few times per month. That’s impressive!

2. While you are obviously committed to getting to work on a bike, it’s a decision we all make each day. A couple of factors influence whether you hop on your bike or go it some other way. Weather is the biggie (70%) followed by commitments at work during the day (40%) then commitments before work (30%). I take my helmet off to those of you who are unfazed by the elements.

3. Everyone is well accessorized with helmets (80%), front and back lights (100%!), and a trusty backpack, messenger bag, or pannier. A third of you rock a pant leg cuff to keep your knickers clean and tidy.

4. I have more gentleman readers than I expected!

Congratulations to the prizewinners including fellow bike enthusiast Neil in Seattle. If you can’t tell from this photo, Neil is seriously committed to doing things by bike. Check him out on Tumblr and Twitter.

Market Street: Wouter Kiel

Rain: torbakhopper

Rucksack: Abby Meadow

Man on bike: Eric Spiegel

Green Sneakers and Bike: kelly.frombrc


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