San Francisco Zine Fest, Pizza and Dolores Park

The San Francisco Zine Fest is this weekend, so yesterday’s ride included pedaling over to the botanical garden to check it out. The frustration of  trying to find a place to lock up (Too many bikes at an independent publishing fair in Golden Gate Park? Who would have thought?) quickly wore off once inside. DIY spirit was alive and thriving with something for nearly every taste. I was excited to see the variety of zines on hand, from the classics like Doris and Rad Dad, to my favorite homemaking guides from Raleigh Briggs, to letterpress postcards by local artist Nina Eve Zeininger. Crude Dude Jose Angeles’ prints stopped me in my tracks. How could you not like Mr ET? Even the punk patches and buttons seemed fresh for some reason.

I was feeling a little jaded about the  scene after seeing so much uniformity at the Renegade Craft Fair at Fort Mason last month, so the Zine Fest was even more welcome in that regard.

Post-Fest stops included testing out Serrano’s Pizza in the Mission (success!) and catching a few rays at Mission Dolores Park (sunny as always).

Do you like to go on exploration rides on the weekends? How are you planning to take advantage of the holiday?

Dog Eared Books: Marcella Bona

Serrano’s Pizza: Spatial K

Panhandle, Golden Gate Park: tofuart


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