Progress report: it pays to ride

It’s been a month since I decided to pay myself for each day I commute to work by bike, and I’m excited to say that the habit is sticking. Out of 22 work days, I’ve ridden 18 days and stashed away $72 bucks! Not bad for something I really enjoy doing anyway.

There were a few days  when the bus still seemed easier, but the strict cash only rule changed my mind. No Clipper Card meant cramming on in the crowded front to reluctantly slide my bills into the hungry fare box.  And more than once, that thought alone gave me enough motivation to stuff those ones into my makeshift savings jar instead and get on the bike. Most of my transit trips were just fine, and I got to do some great people watching. Still, the day that included a Muni breakdown underground and a bus ride through the Haight with the teenage guys scarfing McDonald’s after school reminded me of how much I love the freedom of biking.

Aside from the savings, I’ve also come to look forward to the small ritual of rolling up and stashing two dollar bills as I walk out the door in the morning and again when I come home in the evening.

(Homepage bike smile image from People for Bikes.)


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